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January 20 2013, 09:39 AM

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[PSA; Important to those who are concerned.]

[I’m really, really, really (so really I could probably fill a couple of pages, just like Lemony Snicket himself) sorry, but I’m taking a definite break from roleplaying. Altogether, on all my accounts except perhaps this one at times. This isn’t to say that this break is certain, like a case of oncoming doom, but that it will have an end, and is not, in fact, indefinite. This is due to several personal matters, and will for CERTAIN be resolved within a month’s time, starting today. Other than that, it’s likely I’ll be absent completely for the next few days, though some replies are still possible beyond that (though very sparsely.) I will not be able to get on skype at all, and I’m going to spare myself from saying goodbye because you should know that I will certainly return. I love you all and thank you for the wonderful writing we have done, and all the support you’ve given me, and look forward to the time in a couple of weeks when I come back. I know it might be a bit selfish, but…I ask that you wait for me, and don’t leave. There’s a couple of you I’m pretty sure might think about it some time in the near future, and I desperately want to tell you, please don’t. I will return. c: And I love you far too much for me to lose you. Alright, well. I’m done, and I will be seeing you in a short amount of time.

With all due respect,


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  4. chewingonyoursoul said: [ Darling ): You should give me your number, you really should, because you know that naturally, I’m going to worry. So message it to me or something, because yes I’ll worry. ]
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